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Billboard and Bighead Carp

When speaking about outdoor advertisement, images must be the best quality as possible. You can't use Defocused and blurred images. Let's imagine an ad showing the portrait of Barak Obama smiling / Bill Clinton coming in an official meeting. Those are just a few examples of what we consider important persons. Now please imagine an outdoor advertisement showing one of those persons. Imagine that Barak Obama appears in background and you have a nice text in front. Usually text is very clear because it is generated by Photoshop or other authoring / printing / graphic software. But the image itself must be focused! Otherwise, this would be an affront to presidents of U.S.A.! And I'm not kidding.
When using an image with a bighead crap, you must assure that you own that image and it has a proper quality. Or, at least, it's not like what you see in my picture I taken from a Billboard in Romania. Instead of showing such a fish, why not showing a well-focused image? Why don't be more professional?

Billboard and Bighead Carp

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