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The aim of the game is to kill the creeps before they reach the end of the maze, do this by building attacking towers on the grass around the maze. To build towers first click on the one you want to build on the right, then click on the map where you want it to be built. Once built you can click on them to upgrade or sell. At the start of the game the only towers you can build are the "Basic Towes". These include the Arrow, Cannon and Air towers. The Arrow tower is a good all-rounder as it will shoot at both air and ground based creeps. It can hit one target at a time. The cannon tower does "splash damage" this means that its shot will do damage to all creeps around the target as well as the target itself. The only problem is the cannon does not fire at air creeps. The air tower is just that, it only attacks air creeps, use this if you are having problems with the air levels.
To build "Elemental Towers" you must first research the 3 elements. Research costs "Elemental Towers" of the type you have researched as you can afford. The combo tower is only available if you have researched all 3 elements.
To get a high score try and keep as much of your gold in the bank as possible because
at the end of each round you earn interest on the gold in the bank. You can use your wood to increase your interest rate.

Special levels include FAST [6, 13, 19, 26, 32] AIR [8, 17, 27] IMMUNE [10, 21, 32] and BOSS [11, 22, 33] You get wood every 7 levels use wood to research upgrades.
So, that's enough reading, go play the game already!

am ajuns la nivelul 15


mie nu imi merge jocu

mie nu imi merge jocu:)) :))

de rahat

asta e joc
vai de el
te pune sa omori mieii
si oile....::)::)::)

imaginea utilizatorului LoKkItHa

e dragutz........

e dragutz........;)

la c nivel ati ajuns maxim?

la c nivel ati ajuns maxim? nu am reusit niciodata sa trec de 37... :((

Joc asemanator

Unde m-ai gasesc joc asemanator cu acesta? Stie careva?

ma totti fain site tine-o

ma totti fain site tine-o tot asa=d>


ii super fain jocu .. ma joc non stop

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